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Zombie Meiko - Makeup Test

The Silence (Doctor Who)

The Silence - Doctor Who
Cosplaying at LFCC 2012 (Olympia, London)


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The Master (Doctor Who)

Me as the Master with the 10th Doctor.
Show: Doctor Who
Episode: 'The End of Time"
Location: LFCC 2012 (Olympia, London)

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TIA/DOTM Amy at Collectormania MK

From Friday 1st June 2012

Amy with Silent Steve & Kitty Amy!! :3


W.I.P. - Sakine Meiko (Vocaloid)

To be 'zombie-fied' for MCM Manchester 2012!

Does the wig look familiar? Lol

Captain Maggots

This is less a cosplay and more a costume inspired by Captain Maggots from Emilie Autumn's show (sans pirate hat as i've loaned it to someone at the moment!)

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The Painted Doll

This is my version of the Painted Doll from The Devil's Carnival.

There are a few images I've seen of the Painted Doll so far and this is my version. It's kind of a cross between the teaser trailer and the teaser poster versions, with some of my own personal touches! I know she's blonde but in the teaser it looks pink in the light and I don't have a suitable blonde wig right now!

I think to make it better i would not have the orange top under the corset, and change the tights to grey with white fishnets. Hmmm, maybe an update will come in the future.

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Fiona Dae - Supernormal Step

Check out this awesome webcomic:

*** Please excuse the really bad photoshopped colours!
May have to upgrade to a blue wig at some point :)

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Misa Amane - Death Note

It's just a shame I don't have blonde hair any more :p
Time to buy a new wig!